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27 Sep

He slept with my friend?

Dear Crystal,
I am an eighteen year old girl who has been with this guy since grade eight in high school, we were happy and in love until this became a nightmare. My boyfriend is now twenty years old and we have been on and off in the relationship since i started college last year. While at college i heard that one of my past friend had slept with him and they have been together for a while. I asked him about it but he said he never dated her nor slept with her. However, the so called friend of mine keeps pessing me and saying this that hurts me, such as he doesnt want me and am useless,etc. Rite now my boyfriend and i are at a breaking up point and i am confused, am wondering if he dated her. I told him to tell the girl to leave mealone but he says he is not dealing with her.
Help me please.

Dear MO-MO,
Thank you for writing.
The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if the person who told you this has any reason to lie to you. If she doesn’t and if she is somebody you trust then you really need to listen to what she is telling you. If she is somebody you don’t really know, or somebody who might be jealous of your relationship with this boy then you need to ask her for proof and she if doesn’t have any then tell her to leave you alone until she can prove what she is saying! If she can't prove what she is saying then don't hold something against your boyfriend that might not be true.
The most important thing you can do is trust your instinct. Women know when something isn’t right and if you had other signs that he might be cheating and then add this into the equation, don’t ignore the obvious no matter how much it hurts.
You may have to come to the realization that you might never know the answer, regardless if you stay with him or not. I can tell you this though; if you do stay with him and still don’t know the answer it is going to drag your relationship down. You’ve heard me say it before, trust is a very important factor and without it you will never be able to have a completely open and honest relationship. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find out the answer.


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