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02 Jan

No child for 15 years

Dear Crystal,
i have been married for 15 years and this man has no sperm, so for 15year no child, i have been battling with it and hidding it from my family but what is hurting me now is that he is jumping from one woman to another, he does not even take care of me.
I am 42 and he is 47 am afraid if i can get married when i leave him so what should i do?
i have complained and im tried.

Dear Anonymous,
It sounds like you’ve been unhappy with your relationship for a long time, if nothing else because you’ve wanted a baby with this man, and he can’t give it to you. Of course, when two people love each other, often that sort of thing can be worked through and accepted, sometimes even allowing for adoption of a child. I’m sorry that you’ve felt you’ve had to hide this from your family, because you really shouldn’t have to do that. There is no shame in not being able to have a child. But, obviously, you’ve been struggling with this for a long while, and then on top of that, he’s started cheating on you as well. Both of those together have to be really hard to deal with, and that’s understandable. It sounds like you’re ready to get out of the relationship, since you’re not receiving anything you want and need, whether it’s from having a child to now not even being loved or cared about.

You don’t need to be afraid. If you look around, I’m sure you’ve seen and noticed older women who start up relationships, and even get married. Forty-two isn’t too old to start over, if that’s what you want and need. What I advise is to just take another look at yourself. What do you want? From what you say, you don’t want to stay with this man, and that’s completely ok, especially if he doesn’t care about you or love you enough to stop cheating and to help take care of you. Just remember, you decide what you’re worth.

Rooting for you,

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