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15 Jun

You’re Both Right Sometimes

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Pride can be a killer in relationships. The desire to be right can drive you and your partner to insanity by always competing with one another.
Do state your opinion and if you feel passionate about it, fight for it. But there is no reason to start a world war over who makes better lasagna though.
Everyone has a desire to be right. And there are many occasions where being right will take you far!
But most of times insisting on being right will drive you and your partner apart.

13 Jun

Figure Out “Your Type” Before you Find Someone

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It is best to figure what your ideal partner is like before you even meet them.
If you find a partner and decide you don’t like things about them and try to change them the only thing you will end up with a broken heart and an angry ex.
If you figure out the type of person you’re looking for before you find them, you will be able to commit to someone you actually can feel confident about. 
You must be careful to still have your standards though, and do not allow someone to walk all over you.
Stand up for what you believe in and be who you want to be

11 Jun

Space and Forgiveness is Essential for Love

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Space and allowing your partner to live their life is key to a healthy relationship. If you want to love, you must first learn to forgive and forget our past hurts and grievances. We must let go of our fears, prejudices, and other stereotypes.
That is when we can truly capture love and let it bloom to its full potential. Do not let your past control who you are today, you control who you want to be.

07 Jun

The World Really Does Revolve Around the Sun

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People have a pretty big tendency to think that everything that happens, involves us in some way. It is called "Personal Importance" and is hard to get rid of.
When someone close to us does something good or bad, we tend to think it is about us. We need to realize that while we are a big part of our partner’s life, they will do things for them too.
If you take every action they do personally, you are sure to go crazy and will probably feel unloved.
Being more understanding of their emotions and feelings and trying to realize why they do the actions they do is a great way to get past our personal importance. This doesn’t mean they can get away with hurting your feelings, but it does mean that they do have a chance to do things for themselves as well.

04 Jun

Go For Your Dreams, and Allow the Same

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Allow your partner to go for their dreams and be who they want to be. This is one of the most vital keys to a happy relationship, according to the study conducted by Northwestern University researchers along with the Vrije Universieit in Amsterdam and the University of London.
Couples need to allow their partner to be who they want to be and to help these hidden qualities in them flourish.
The “Michelangelo phenomenon” refers to the Florentine sculpture that could see Michelangelo in the block of stone, being able to see and bring out the beauty in something plain is important to relationships.
Eli Finkel from Northwestern University says that you and your partner must think about where you personally want to be in the next ten years, and have similar wants for a happy relationship.

31 May

Time to Help Cook the Bacon

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kitchen couple

One way to keep a woman’s love is not diamonds, or a first class trip to Hawaii, but just to partake in household duties.
The London School of Economics has done research and come to the conclusion that couples who have equal house hold duties are sure to last longer, and happier. This study was published in the journal Feminist Economics.
When the study started, more than 3,500 couples who had their first child in the seventies were tracked. In 7% of these relationships were the husband was not helping around the house, a divorce occurred before the child even reached 10 years old. When the child blew out that 16th candle, 20% of these couples had divorced.
If you and your partner want a happy, stable relationship, keeping equal household duties is vital!

28 May

Women Working Helps Marriage

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woman working

It has finally been proven that a couple can be perfectly happy if both partners are in the work force, unlike past prejudices.
A study conducted by the Pew Research Center said that one in five American women bring in a higher income than their husband and still maintain a healthy relationship.
In the 70s, when women were not as prevalent in the work force the divorce rate was 23 to every thousand marriageswhile now it has dropped to 17 separations per thousand marriages.
Tara Parker-Pope from The New York Times explains: “Now, Women no longer need to marry for economic support, but may choose a partner who truly loves them and who shares the management of the enterprise-family.”

23 May

Truly, Madly, Deeply

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"I wanna stand with you on a mountain,
I wanna bathe with you in the sea.
I wanna lay like this forever,
Until the sky falls down over me..."

from "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden
Album: "Savage Garden" - 1997

19 May

Don't Brood

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"Don't brood. Get on with living and loving. You don't have forever."

Leo Buscaglia

15 May


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"I'm not going to get too sentimental
like those other sticky valentines,
'cause I don't know if your loving somebody.
I only know it isn't mine..."

from "Alison" by Elvis Costello
Album: "My Aim Is True" (Elvis Costello's first album)

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