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Secrets For a Perfect Love

31 Oct

But if it just doesn't work out...

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try to fix your relationship it just doesn't work out. 
When you are left with a broken heart and just don't know how you are going to make it, hold your head up high and try a few of these ideas to help you get over your break up.


  1. Join a Gym or start exercising, this not only takes up time but it will help you feel better about yourself and get you out of the house.

  2. Start a hobby. Try something you have never done before! Art, writing, or collecting are a few things to consider.

  3. Volunteer someplace. Volunteering not only boost yourself esteem, it also gets you out and around people, opening up opportunities to meet somebody new.

  4. Pamper yourself. Get a new haircut and have your nails done. If you can’t afford to go have them done, do them yourself! Set up some nice music and treat yourself to a bubble bath followed by a nice manicure.

  5. Reach out to your friends and family. Most of the time when we are involved in a major relationship we neglect our friends and family… They probably miss you and will welcome seeing you more often.

  6. Break off all communications with the “ex” for a while. It is hard enough to forget them and move on, but when you are still in communications you are doing nothing more than prolonging it. Set up a “fake” number on your phone for when you feel the need to text them. When you feel like calling them, write a letter instead and then burn it. Do whatever you have to do, just do not contact them!

  7. Start your own website. I know that seems kind of silly, but there are so many places to make free websites and they can take up a lot of your time. Start one about your favorite animal, or one that has you favorite recipes. Start a forum with your friends and have them post as well. It will take up your free time and give you something to look forward to.

  8. Hiking - Exploring. This kind of falls in with exercising, but think of it as more of an adventure. Make a list of places you have always wanted to see and GO SEE THEM!

  9. As cliché as it is, join a dating site or a singles group… just remember to always BE SAFE and educate yourself on how to make sure you are safe. Never give out personal information online and always meet in a public place. Even if you don’t want to meet somebody for a relationship, there are sites that have people just like you who just want to get out of the house and not be alone.

15 Oct

Learning Acceptance

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learning acceptance

To keep a relationship stable and happy, you need to understand your partner and be capable of listening and comprehending their needs.

Do not assume you know what they need or want, be able to listen and compromise with what they have to say.

You will have moments when you disagree, but that does not mean that you are not meant to last. Partners are made of two different people with similar, but not identical views.

Learn to live with this and let it help you grow as a couple.

03 Oct

To Trust is To Love

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If you can trust someone fully, then you can love them fully.

A relationship full of fear, suspicion, and anxiety just leaves you unhappy and your partner feeling emotionally trapped and suffocated.

You have to believe that you and your partner will last forever and they will take care of you emotionally. Before committing, think “Do I trust this person with everything that I am?” If you answer yes, then you are ready to be in a happy, committed relationship.

Learn to believe in your partner and let them do what they need to do to fulfill their happiness and you are sure to result in a happy relationship.

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