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Secrets For a Perfect Love

14 Jul

Give a Little To Get a Little

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Love is being able to completely give yourself to another and trust them to give themselves to you.

A small secret to a truly happy relationship is focusing on what you can do for them and how to make them happy, and focusing less on what they need to do for you.

If you give love unconditionally and perform small, but frequent acts of kindness, you are sure to receive the same kind of care back.

A committed relationship is an equal balance of love and care.

03 Jul

The Golden Rule

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"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is that classic golden rule our parents and other role models has been saying for years.

The ultimate meaning of that saying is to respect everyone the way you would like to be respected. You will not have a true loving relationship if you do not respect your partner.

Do you really respect the person you’re dating though? Do you really respect their wishes and the things they like to do? Do you make sure there is enough balance between the things you like to do and the things they like to do?

28 Jun

Thinking About Love Will Go Far

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Every person is a product of their own mind.
If you want to find love with your ideal partner, you must find peace with yourself and know what you are looking for.

If you make it a point in your mind to find the perfect person, you will find them.
Anyone who puts their mind to something is sure to achieve it.

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