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cover-imageDear Friends,
The Heart mail was created for those who might be looking for the right words, for those who are confused and for those who might need a little outside advice to see things more clearly.

I have been helping people with their relationships since 1993 by offering solid, down-to earth advice from somebody who is on the outside looking in. Sometimes the answers aren’t easy and sometimes they are right in front of your face, either way I am always honest and sympathetic, because I know your heart will feel it no matter what the answer is.

I am not here to pass judgment or to lecture, I am here to help you understand why you are feeling the way you do, let you know you are not alone, and offer advice on how to move forward.
Sign your letter with your first name, a nick name or you can choose to sign as "Anonymous", but no matter how you sign it be honest with yourself and be honest with your questions, it is the only way you will ever find the true answer to what your heart is yearning for.

Love, Crystal

Young man’s obsessive ‘love’ for young l…

Dear Crystal, My name is Waqar and I like a certain girl who is cute and intelligent in my opinion. I am a very shy guy and it is because I feel so shy that it is difficult for me to say anything to this that girl. When I first met...

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Boyfriend or Friends with Benefits

Dear Crystal Finally, I find someone who can give me advice... This is my story... Right now, I’m here abroad on a call of duty. I have been in a long distance relationship, which has lasted for more than 3 years. He's my childhood sweetheart.I have already met my store family,...

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Unrequited Love

Dear Crystal How to deal with a girl, if mine was a one-sided love over the past 10 years with that person? Dear Tired of Waiting, Personally speaking, it’s not healthy for someone to continue so long being ‘in love’ with someone who isn’t interested in them, and obviously, if your love for...

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My Boss makes sexual advances

Dear Crystal, I am confused...and hurt. I am looking for good advice and you are my answer. I work in a lawyers firm and have 2 kids and a loving hubby. Crystal, I am hurt because last week my boss offered me to sleep with him and in return he promised...

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I met a boy on the basketball team

Dear Crystal, I need your help...I met a boy on the basketball team…and I decided that I liked him. We talked for a little and the next day we went to play basketball together and we kissed. He told me that he liked me so much.... then that same day he...

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Our parents made us separate

Dear Crystal I was in a relationship, but our parents made us separate. I don't know what to do. We want to get back together because we're madly in love with each other, but our parents are standing in our way and strongly against us. So what can we do?? Dear Frustrated,   I...

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She has started friending guys online

Dear Crystal, My girlfriend and I have been dating for half a year now, but things have been turning topsy-turvy over the past month. Until now, we were so much in love with each other that we vowed we would marry.   Now, all of a sudden, she has started doing some things...

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He doesn’t care for me anymore

Dear Crystal, I really don’t know what to do concerning a situation with my husband. It seems that he doesn’t care for me anymore as I’ve found that he’s been chatting with someone else on the days we spend together. We do not live together in the same house due to...

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