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The Heart Mail by Crystal

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08 Oct

Return to Innocence

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"Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence..."

from "Return to Innocence" by Enigma
Album: "The Cross of Changes" - 1994
This song reached number one in over ten countries (including Greece, Norway, Sweden and Ireland).

04 Jun

Peace on Earth

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"No whos or whys
No one cries like a mother cries
For peace on Earth..."

from "Peace on Earth" by U2
Album: "All That You Can't Leave Behind" - 2000
Its lyrics were inspired by the Real IRAOmagh bombing in Northern Ireland on 15 August 1998.

30 Apr

Brothers in Arms

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"There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones..."

from "Brothers in Arms" by Dire Straits
Album: "Brothers in Arms" - 1985
The album is the seventh best-selling album in UK chart history

18 Mar

Do You Know Where You're Going To

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"Now looking back at all we've had
We let so many dreams just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long, before we see?
How sad the answers to those questions can be..."

from "Do You Know Where You're Going To" by Diana Ross
This song was the theme song of the 1975 movie "Mahogany", where Diana Ross acted as the title character and as Tracy Chambers.

11 Mar

Running Up That Hill

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"And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh..."

from "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush
Album: "Hounds of Love" - 1985
Kate Bush has said: "I was trying to say that, really, a man and a woman, can't understand each other because we are a man and a woman. And if we could actually swap each other's roles, if we could actually be in each other's place for a while, I think we'd both be very surprised!..."

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